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I'm a freedom fighter.


Somebody once said that the path to becoming an authentic human being is a path very few take. I did not start my life on that path, but most of my adult life I have been trying to get there. So although my dad might say I've yet to zero in on something specific in my career, I'd say that if you show me a highly successful twenty-something who works without any thought as to how they can make this world a better place to live in, I am, at least, not as aimless as that person.

So I went to art school to learn to paint then promptly graduated and started working in film. I've made ends meet by working virtually every position one can on a film crew. I've shot short films and and a couple unfinished documentaries. I have several scripts laying around my house. I'm passionate about building community which, as I see it, is one of the great casualties of the 20th century. So although I spend more time than my wife thinks is healthy watching movies, I spend as much time going deeper into the relationships around me to find out what an authentic community looks like.

To shorten this up: I'm passionate about freedom, I'm interested in people, I'm compelled to explore the human condition. To say I'm a writer, artist, filmmaker, community builder, entrepreneur, husband, dad, student, teacher or anything else I might be is just my interests expressed through the work of my hands from moment to moment.

Currently, I work for a small company that is trying to bring freedom to an industry that has long been in need of it, the film industry.


Writing, painting, filming, living, breathing, laughing, crying, breaking, fixing, leaving, and then finally returning.