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Thanks for the very nice vote of confidence. May I enter one small correction having to do with gender? The title for my blog comes from Jean-Luc Godard's response to a question about how much money it took to make a movie: "All it takes is a girl and a gun." I, in fact, am by all evidence of which I'm aware, male, and at my age expect to stay that way. But I appreciate the mention and the link. First time I've visited your site; I like it, and I'll be back.

Paul Moore

My deepest apologies and red-faced blushes to George. I am the fool who took the title "A Girl and a Gun" too literally. Ever been singing in a karoke bar and gotten so carried away with your passion for the song that you didn't realize you were singing the wrong lyrics? I have.

rick beerhorst

Good to see that anger going to good use. The magazines in the grocery store I think will be a major feature in what adorns hell for those unfortunate enough to end up there. I don't think the general public even knows what love and relationship really embodies any more after being so awashed in television sitcomes and advertising manipulations that are built mostly out of lust and a romantisized view of youth. True creativity, like true love is scary because when ever you get close to it you are actually getting close to God and "it is a frightening thing to fall into the hands of a living God." We are truely picking our way through the ruins.


I'm gonna go with the fear. We're afraid of whatever is diffrent than what we're used to (as humans) and we want it but we run from it at the same time.
Also, I'm going to go with the public interest. If all of a sudden millions of Americans everywhere said "Oh, come ON!" and stopped buying the tabloids and all of the myriad of products that promote this shallowness - Hollywood would get kicked in the groin of their pocketbook and take notice. Until that happens - it's going to keep on keeping on.

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