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studio beerhorst

My , my, my. Thanks for sharing. I think if we are going to change we are going to have to actually repent. We need to let our friends and family know what we are doing. We have to be bold and honest when we have the right context for it- a place we feel safe. Some how most of us come from families that just do not know how to share the painfully true things . We don't know how to be honest about where the family's "protective wall" may have croumbled and still be in need of repair. I did not know how much mental illness was woven through both sides of my family until I began to askk a lot of questions over lunch in various resteaunts where I invited older family members into converrsation that led to revealing stuff. I am glad I know what I know because it helps me understand some of the twists and turns in our family make up and some of the peculiar warps in my own personal constituion.


Paul. Excellent post. Super picture with that bare ass right in the middle of all the pretending. I love it.

Just Pat

Bravo Paul. I'm enamored with that foggy place where folks are found to be both despicable and lovely; grace lives there.

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