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You know, just noticing the kids from down the street was already proof.

Thank goodness for the fart of clarity.

Oh, and you've got something on your nose.


This is a wonderful pair of posts, Paul. Between these and having just read Kieslowski On Kieslowski, I really want to see the Decalogue again - but alas, I lent my box set to a friend.

But so great are the films, and so firmly do I think that they represent the sort of art that leaves one all the better for having experienced it, that in lending them I suppose I've made a difference - or, keeping in mind the perspective of your post here, enabled a difference to be made.


Changing the world starts with relationships. You're on the right road to making the world a much better place.


...."One of the most selfish things I can do is get caught up in spinning around in my own mind wondering if I make a difference or not, and thus rob the people around me of myself."...AMEN! I am loving that line Paul, and at 44 I think I am just getting a revelation of that truth, I am so happy you are getting it already!...I love that revolution/relationship concept. Yes!


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