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Good Post! Send me a mentor for living in Brooklyn!!!! talk about a different culture--yeeesh...people in Michigan care about what schools their kids go to but here it goes up about 10 notches ...and then to be's like saying "I believe oxygen is optional, " what I'm trying to say is unschooling makes no sense to people here, (not that it did in Michigan either)


Unfortunately the crap has to overwhelm us before we're willing to change. I pray that I'm able to make the changes before the crap gets too deep.

I think I need to read that book too.


nice, friend...very nice commentary. thanks

Jane Wolterstorff

Great job getting this message out... understanding helps lead to compassion. Noone wakes up in the morning and says "I think I'll live in poverty, or marry someone who will beat me, or maybe I should be a drug addict or alchoholic; or I bet I'd make a great serial killer." People travel long journeys of tiny steps to get to those places and if we can see the person at the core, we can get past some of the other stuff and that's when the 'Kingdom is near'.

alex beh

i think it has to do with these things, i think if we try to 'escape our class' we've already missed our purpose. i dont think its as much about escape but progress. we, like you said, can get really antsy and frustrated about our current situation, i win the award for that. i cant stand waiting tables and staying at my parents house. the routine has done me in, im used to packing up my bag every weekend and driving somewhere usually to avoid my problems in an act of resistance also from doing things like sitting down and writing. something i love. but if we look at our situation, perhaps for this example, one who is in poverty, they must first focus on their surroundings and how to grow there. i think escaping seems more like someone who wants to jump a barbed-wire fence and will only find themselves stuck and cut up at the top, falling to the ground, in too much pain to try again. but you can progress this way too i think, let your wounds from your surroundings (or your recent escape attempt, driving and missing obligations, getting sober, mending relationships) heal, learn from them and see how those end up helping you to progress to the next level. perhaps the class you were gifted for.


Yep and more yep. I would love to have a conversation with ya'll about this. Having been in poverty,gotten out of poverty and have worked for poverty 8+ years- it is wierd. I have been compassionate, angry, cynical, bitter, and now I am over it, making peace with it. But I can never sever it from my life. It has developed who I am. Love this blog and your other. I will look for that book and read it.

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