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Wow, you put this so well!! I like the megapastor/rock star comparison. Hardly anyone wants to be ordinary anymore, but being ordinary is not so bad. At least when you screw up you haven't got so far to fall!!

Welcome back!


Wow, it was so good to see a post from you - sorry it had to be after such an unfortunate story.

I really agree about your comments on the lack of relationship and true community in many/most churches nowadays. It certainly isn't in the Sunday morning pew-based session where the real relationships are grown. However, I do know (from experience) that it is in the less formal and more intimate settings where real community can, and does, occur.

I also agree on the "confess to one-another" practice, and that real acccountability and growth only occur when you can be completely open with another person or group.

Nice post.

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